Thank you for visiting Sound Women.

After five busy and impactful years, Sound Women (the organisation) has now closed.

When we started in 2011, our mission was to build the confidence, networking and leadership skills of women in radio and audio.

We wanted all women in our industry to believe they could reach their full potential. We wanted women’s voices to become more influential, and we wanted to make the audio industry more representative.

Together we have achieved A LOT!


While Sound Women may have closed as an organisation, it’s not the end of our movement.

As a community we stand strong and proud in our legacy, having changed the radio and audio industry forever.

As individuals, we will never stop pushing for change.

But now, we also pass the responsibility on to each and every one of you – to ensure that Sound Women’s legacy lives on.

If you’d like to get involved, many Sound Women are staying in touch at the new Sound Women Network, as well as local groups in East Anglia, the North East, North WestEast and West MidlandsLondon and the South West. Come and say hello!

And to all our members – you are the true inspiration here and we’ve learned so much from you.

Stay strong.  Be bold.

Thank you.